workers helping workers during COVID-19

Stage 2 Update (June 28)

As businesses re-open, we want to hear from you!

What’s happening in your workplace right now that you are concerned about? Have you lost your hazard pay? Are you being given proper PPE? Are social distancing and cleaning adequate? Are you witnessing or experiencing discrimination? What’s happening in workplaces that you want workers and consumers to be aware of?

We have updated our form so that you can anonymously tell us about your general concerns. You can also still use this form if you want to submit a complaint that will appear on our website.

Spread the word about Bad Boss Report! Email us at to get a package of snazzy stickers mailed to you. Stick them up where you know workers will see them:



We are labour activists and fellow workers in Toronto who came together during the COVID-19 pandemic through the Caremongering-TO project. We are not lawyers or experts. We are upset that some bosses are making their employees work under conditions that could spread COVID-19. People should be able to stay home to self-isolate without losing income; or if they can and want to work, they need safe working conditions.

We collect reports from workers about their bad bosses, and we publish their requests for solidarity. Workers are asking you to take action.


Leave info about your bad COVID-19 workplace situation, or your general concerns, in this Google Form.

Tell us how other workers can help you out. We will publish the details on this website, but you will remain anonymous. Contact info is mandatory in the submissions to ensure that the stories are verifiable and so we can keep in touch with you for updates.

We will never share your contact information. Please also note that we are not publishing reports that are not directly from affected workers.


To show your support for workers, read their reports and take action on the pages linked above (top right or under [Menu+] if you’re on mobile). Together we can help each other stay safe and build a better world.


We are only here to to let other workers know what’s up in your workplace so they can provide support. There are other ways you can take action.

Did you know YOU CAN DO A “WORK REFUSAL” if you feel your health and safety is jeopardized? Info for Ontarians:

We also encourage you to talk to your union rep, if you are unionized. Make use of any resources available to you including contacting the Ministry of Labour.

Another option is to call the Workers’ Action Centre confidential hotline at 416-531-0778 or 1-855-531-0778 for support. The Workers’ Action Centre (WAC) is a worker-based organization that is committed to improving the lives and working conditions of Ontarians in low-wage and unstable employment.

COLLECTIVE ACTION gets results! Asking fellow workers to confront your bad boss is a big step but only part of the solution. Talk to your coworkers. Talk to workers from other workplaces. Organize together so that nobody is left behind. Join the growing movement for workers’ rights. Visit to get involved.

Last updated: April 21, 2020